Tapered Square


Small |15″T x 12″B x 24″H | 1.5″ Lip | 20lbs | 19 US Gallons
Medium | 16″T x 12″B x 32″H | 1.5″ Lip | 26lbs | 27 US Gallons
Large | 17″T x 12″B x 40″H | 1.5″ Lip | 32lbs | 36 US Gallons
Custom | Provide us with your dimensions


Bronze Silverado

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The Tapered Square planter will be among the attention-getters in your commercial settings, creating a distinct look for patios, entryways, decks and other outdoor spaces at hotels, spas, and office complexes. Made of marine grade aluminum by highly skilled craftsmen, the customizable tapered square planter combines the authenticity of real metal along with the durability of waterproof construction. The Tapered Square planter features UV-resistant construction that makes it fade-resistant in harsh weather conditions. Order the planters with drainage holes for outdoor use. Available in aluminum, stainless steel, and corten steel.


Tapered Square | SketchUp (skp)
Tapered Square | Revit 2016/2017 (rfa)
Tapered Square | Specification Sheet (pdf)


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